Working on what I am loosely calling a MUD

I’m currently working on a MUD, or something that will run very similar to a MUD using ncurses.

I wanted to start out with a note on the libraries I’ll be using as I just found a horribly helpful one.

First is ncurses of course.

Second is my wonderful find, ReadLine, also a GNU lib.

I’ll also be using std::thread for multithreading, and most likely unix sockets for the networking.

A New Beginning

Since destroying my server I’ve been curious as to what I decide to do with the web site. It has been on the default Ubuntu Apache2 page for a while now. I’ve decided to look into WordPress and see if it will be my preferred platform for my new site. I think it might be.

I’m not very social, so most of this is going to be more in the form of notes to myself. Included will be progress markers on my current project. Next post will be a bit of a recap on what I have done so far.